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Home Electrical Safety Tips

Performance Electric is foremost SAFETY-minded! Check out some of these tips to keep you and your family safe at all times!

Breaker Boxes


Old Breaker Box New Breaker Box

Many of us rarely look at our home's breaker box until there's trouble. But that can be trouble too!
Older homes with older wiring may cause a fire hazard especially if fuses are overloaded or to capacity.

Disorganized breaker boxes aren't just messy to look at, but in case of an emergency, there may be only moments to shut down a breaker before certain disaster. Know your box and know which breakers or fuses go to which household appliances. If not already done, take a moment and create a list mapping out which breaker or fuse goes to what.

If you have questions about your box, call a certified, licensed electrician stop by for an inspection.
Better late than after an accident that could have been prevented!

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detector


We know that smoke detectors save lives, but what if a fire starts in one part of the house and you don't hear it from another part of the house? What if your battery fails?

Having your smoke detectors wired to your home is the best way to be safe. If a fire does start, all detectors will sound an alarm. Another benefit is that there's less chance of a default when the detectors are hard wired to the house. All smoke detectors are battery back-up.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

GFCI - (ground fault circuit interrupter)

Yes, that funny little switch on an outlet is important to have! Electricity and water are not friends!! Whenever you need an outlet anywhere near a water source (ie: bathroom or kitchen sink, shower or outdoor faucet) don't forget a GFCI protector. The switch shuts off power to the outlet in the event of an overload in the circuits or if water gets too near. That funny little switch could be the very thing to save your life!


Choosing an Electrician


Most people start with the phone book or today we check the internet, but when it comes to repairing probably the largest investment you own - your home or business - You need to know the company's reputation, reliability and stability.

So, your best bet is to ask questions: Are you licensed? Are you certified? Do you have references? How long have you been in business? But don't stop there. Go one step further and actually VERIFY with the local municipality and call the references. Did they do a good job? Did they finish when they said they would? Did they go over the quoted estimate? Have you had any other problems? Sometimes you can go to service websites like Angie's List to get that information, but in a smaller community, word-of-mouth is much more accurate. Ask around. When you find the right one, you can finally relax because you know you've got the one for the job!

(Taken from NECA)